Fan Art



Sake Day: Feru Sama

Pencils by: Momo

olor by: Feru

Originaly posted: 09-19-03

Original Rantage:

Oh my. My very first rant...
and I actually have reason to truly rant!! FERU CHAN!!!! AIIIE!!! I have, about, ohh, counting the sake day art, twenty comic pages. Ten weeks worth. And, because of this, you may ask, 'why isn't there more up?' Well, that's easy...
It's all- FERUS FAULT!!!!
I draw them. She re-draws/inks them.. (my art look like the banner, without color. Pencil sketches...) And then, in theory, she posts them.But.. she has NO scanner. Cause she's a DORK... grrr
Anyways,,,, the sake days were MENT to be stuck in for the heck of it, to buy me time,, and to have portraits of charecters you've met already. BUt now, their confusing. So don't read too deep into them till we have more posted.

Hmmm... yup, all my fault. Haven't I been saying this? oh well, I'm a terrible horrible person for going on vacation. yes, I'm on vacation, so it's not like I don't have ANY scanner, just not with me. I got one, really, a good one, hooked up to a wonderful comp. A most glorious system that...*sniffle*...
I got my system set up just so, and it does everything I want, and nobody touches it... well, *glare* nobody better have have touched my baby, or else serious bloody carnage may ensue at my return...*ahem* anyway, rest assured, as soon as I return the comic will be up in full force, on a regular schedule. Promise. But until then you get random half-done art, YAY!! Aren't we excited!?! That is, unless certain artist people decide to do finished art by themselves and post it. OH well...