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by Feru & Momo

Sake Day: And then it ate our heads...

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Deranged Chibi Neko Rant:

So everyone in the house got World of Warcraft...yeah, I don't really need to explain much further right? Anyways, we be trolls! Don't you just wish you could be as awsome as our bad troll selves. So if you happen to be wandering around Argent Dawn and see a party of trolls with a pair of sexy twins say hello (I'll be the rouge of the group, just so you know). Quick sketches for now, we'll be back next week once we can tear ourselves away.
Why am I such a silly geek?: I'm typing this with taped-together troll style fingers. I've been like this most of the day, seems I can still use photoshop thoguh.

Ja ne,
Feru =^_^=

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