Fan Art



Holiday Special: Chibi Newyear

Pencils by: Momo

Color by: Feru

Originaly posted: 01-01-04

Original Rantage:

So here's the New Years special. Didn't have time to ink and do full color, so I just cleaned up the lines and colored the semi-rough. But hey, still looks good right? That's cuz the Momo is awsome and drew uber cute chibi goodness. It also turned out this way cuz the Momo was way too happy to tell me otherwise. So yeah, here you go, time for me to go pop poppers.

Super Roro Guest Rant!:

It's officially a New Year! Another year to procrastinate on growing up *sighs* where do the years go? (*someone in the background coughing with a hacking that sounds like lint basket oddly enough*) I wonder if you all actually read these things anyways? Well I hope you all had fun with your ever so busy and bustling social lives (cuz you'd be reading this rant right now if you did....) and that you do not get the stomach flu and have to be stabbed by evil doctors of doom in order to keep popsicles and other miniscule crappy liquids down. May your days be long and your years be bright and may you not choke on icky stuff.