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Sake day: Chibi Sake Feru

First posted: 2003-12-23

Pencils, Inks, and colors by: Feru

Original rant posted:

Sake day for you, there’s no comic due to medical difficulties...again. This time it's not me though! Anyway, there won't be a comic Thursday either, but we'll have a Christmas special up, so come on by and see it. I promise it'll be cute and fun and all that stuff.
Now for rantage. Due to the upcoming holidays I'm about to be overrun by relatives again, lucky me. I usually go away for the Christmas break weeks to visit my father and spend time someplace nice and quiet and relaxing. Yet this year I promised I'd stay, since it's the only time when everyone will be home and have free time for awhile. Guess I'll just have to deal with the merriness... and the guilt trips. The relatives bring small children too... *shudder* the things like me for some reason, they love to torture me for hours, and then I have to buy them gifts. Grah... I suppose I could keep complaining about horrid holidays and even more horrid relatives, but that's no fun for you, not that there's actually anyone reading this.
On a brighter note, I've been watching some new anime. The first is Hikaru no Go. The story fallows Hikaru, a grade-school boy who's been possessed by the ghost of a thousand year old obsessed Go player. I know it sound strange, but it's amazing how they can take such a tedious and antiquated game and actually make it interesting. The ghost, Sai, is such a drama queen, it's hilarious, and he's pretty to boot. At the moment we're try to figure out how exactly the game of Go is played. Probably help if we had a set to play with, but we're not quite so dorkish as to actually buy one. Another series I just watched is Full metal Panic? Fummofu. Its humorous side-stories to Full Metal Panic, and an absolute must for any fan of the original. Now, it's not that I'm saying these are my favorite anime, that list is for another time, but I watched these two in the last couple days and they were good. So if you have access, watch them, if you can get your little hands on them, do so. If you know me, well, then I'll probably give them to you, and whatever else ya want. Just ask.